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Twist Bakery in Millis, Massachusetts

By Lori Miller

Kathryn Ernst, owner of Twist Bakery in Millis Massachusetts and I had a fantastic interview last week, and I am so happy I was able to hear the inside story of how her 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery came into existence.

Kathyrn, who has lived with life-long food challenges because of a variety of ingredients, also has a peanut allergy and lives dairy-free. Years back she focused on and paid attention to what her body was rejecting. After dealing with chronic joint pain, she made the decision, with her doctor’s recommendation, to omit gluten from her life. Once she did this, she began to enjoy pain-free days! A new gluten-free life brought out the creativity in Kathryn, who has always loved to cook from scratch. She spent a solid year developing a gluten-free bread recipe that she knew would be a winner!

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